Monday, February 28, 2005

Monday Night.

Been a long day! Poor Adam got grommits in his ears today. i think he is a lot of pain but hopefully it will ease off tomorrow. Why didn't we have it done when he was Seven? I suppose we just followed the doctor's orders and thought he could do without them. Now, ten years later!! Oh well.

I hope it doesn't affect his guitar playing on Thursday. I think he is starting to panlc a bit. He'll be fine.
I've managed to dig a bit deeper in the Parry family. I have added down to my Great-Grandmother on my grandmother's side. the names I'm delving through now are McGrath and Carmicheal. Hope to get on with the Steele part very soon. It is very time consuming.

I'm off to bed now.

Friday, February 25, 2005

Nearly two weeks

I can't believe nearly two weeks have passed since I last posted. Time just seems to pass by so quickly. Where can I start. Life is busy with the boys and their various activities. Caroline was off work for a week because of the bad colds that are going about but she didn't get much rest really. kate has become a little mummy's girl and insists she does everything with her. I don't mind but I can see Caroline gets tired by her. She is still the most wonderful baby ever and this strong personality is developing all the time.

Work has been pretty busy despite the Half-term break. We had an interesting in-service with Kodaly specialists which was really informative and fun. Unfortuneately there are some very narrow minded instructors who can't nor ever will see the benefits of Kodaly in developing not only musical skills but also the child as a whole. They are dinosaurs who won't be got rid of until they become extinct. I wish it was soon!! Next week I'll start to collect the instruments I bought. Bob received them today and so this whole thing has happened in about three weeks, which is amazing. Things can be done when people are willing and there are not too many cheifs to put their oar in. I looking forward to getting theses instruments out ot some new children. I hope also that we can fix up a violin teacher soon. I'd love it to be Christine but she will cost money and the Secondary don't seem willing to part with any despite SIPS investing £25,000 in this project. I don't want one ofthe blinkered dinosaurs coming in and putting children off. I'd rather struggle on myself . We'll just have to wait and see. Saturday tommorrow!! Yeah!!

Sunday, February 13, 2005

The weekend

Missed an entry yesterday because of various things. Caroline's not well and seems to have the same as Adam did last week. Kate a little under the weather and so I'm doing a lot.

Saturday did pass without too much stress but today was a bit of a bummer. I dropped my camera and have bent the lens. Whether it can be repaired or not I'm not sure. I've now realised how much I use the camera so will have to look into it soon. Could have done withoput it but never mind!
Oh, One other piece of news was from Joy( Caroline's mum). She has to go for a culdoscopy soon due to bleeding from the old rear- end. I hope it's clear.
I'm not working tomorrow, thank god, so hopefully we can all go out for the day. It will depend on how everybody feels. Tomorrows another day.

Saturday, February 12, 2005


On holiday for 4 days now. Yehhh!!! I'm still tired but the break will be good.
Not been a really busy day although kept going. Adam's Maths result sent me crazy. A 4/3 is worse than I thought it was going to be. Nobody in his class passed which is unbelievable. Adam is not stupid by any consideration so why so bad? I will make an appointment to see the headteacher next week and see what they will offer in way of support.Also want to find out why there has been no communication with us from the school if there has been a problem. Not one report in a year is not acceptable. We might have to consider a private tutor but why should we. It should be getting taught properly at school.
Anyway, I'm tired goodnight.

Thursday, February 10, 2005


Knackering day today. I have run around like the proverbial! First of all teaching till eleven then up to hand in the final quote for the instruments being bought. Next it was up to the Diabetic Clinic to get checked out. Blood sugar was not great but cholestoral was good as was weight and blood pressure. Then off to collect Kate to take to my Mums before going back to teach for a couple of hours. Finished that then off to shops for food, up to my Mum's to collect Kate, who had fallen asleep, back home and the made dinner(phew). One hour later I took Fraser to his orchestra, back home to tidy up before my mum arrived to let me go to the 2nd year parent;s night. Finished at 9.30, got home at 9.45 to take my mum back home. Finally sat down at 11.00 to write this!!!
Fraser got a really good report and I'm very proud of him! Good Night!!

Wednesday, February 09, 2005


Feeling really tired today. Lack of sleep is catching up and my blood sugar has been too low. To add to it Caroline has been away in Dundee all day and so it's been a long day. Adam is still not well and will miss his class trip to Edinburgh tomorrow. Faser really pissed me off tonight by being really un helpful. I know he's a teenager but I don't think that is an excuse for being rude and grumpy! I will have to speak to him and find out why he should be allowed to be lazy and unhelpful, considering everything that is done for him.
Kate's been a doll tonight and went down early which I was grateful for. I don't know how she managers to keep going so long with the amount of energy she uses up. Still off to bed for me, I'm knackered

Tuesday, February 08, 2005


Well, apparently the news about the maths exam was just a load of bollocks!. Only 3 got a 1,1 the majority got 1,2. Why were we given the wrong information? Adam's maths teacher should not have given out wrong info before all the results were out. What a plonker. I just hope Adam does better in the real exam.
Adam is still not well and with swollen glands the spectre of glandular fever raises its ugly head. There is already on of his friends who has it. We'll just have to hope it's not serious.
Teaching was a little slow today with a curious atmosphere in the department. Don't know what is going on but it didn't feel comfortable today.
I had a good meeting tonight but was very surprised to see Ian, considering it's only three days since his wife's death. I hope he keeps close to his doctor and takes plenty of advice.
Kate has now got her bandage off her arm and the wound looks amazingly healthy. God, babies heal quickly.
Tomorrow is another day and I hope that Julia doesn't try and make any snide comments about my timetable being light. I don't need it and I certainly don't deserve it. People should learn to keep to their own jobs and leave others to get on with theirs, then we'll all be happy.

Monday, February 07, 2005


Bit of a mixed day today. I put the estimate forward for the new instuments which was passed without the bat of an eyelid. I am now convinced they have much more money than they're letting on. Still, I'm happy to have got what I wanted. I think????

Adam was taken ill at school today but thankfully it wasn't one of his migraines. He seems to have picked up a stomach bug. Hopefully it will pass in a day or two. He has told us that he failed his SG Maths along with the rest of the year bar three!! Something is wrong in the Maths department for that to happen. It's too good a school for so many to have failed. Adam has had 1's in every other subject so why maths? I will phone the school if I can get through because I expect it to be busy with all the other parents!!
Sangita was having a dose of the "poor me's" at her lesson today. It is not a good situation with her not being well and cooped up in that small flat with a baby. I think I'd be having the "poor me's". I'll stay in touch this week. Off to bed now and hopefully Kate will sleep through the night.

Sunday, February 06, 2005


I'm starting this quite late so I musn't be long. I've had a good day today. It's been busy but with enjoyable things. Kate was a star in the park today. I don't know where she gets her personality from but it really is BIG!! She will talk to anyone and is totally fearless. Fraser had another trip to Edinburgh with Archie, Sam and Ewan. A good time was had by all. Adam seems to have had a good day as well, but where does he get the money to lunch in Pizza Hut? Never mind he enjoyed it.
Caroline is the only one who has had a shitty day. Sunday rehearsals and concerts are really not good news especially as there is no more money for it. She has had a typical Trades House concert. All the big wigs in their DJ's and chains. Sounds quite kinky really!! It does fuck up a family Sunday, which is a pity.
I made a desicion about buying new cellos/fiddles. I'm going to ask for more. It will cost an extra couple of grand but it's not their money so who cares! I've costed it and will put it to them tomorrow, so here's hoping. Must stop now and get to bed. Monday tomorrow AGHhhhhhhhh!!!!!

Saturday, February 05, 2005


It has been a strange day. I haven't done that much but feel that I haven't stopped! Maybe I need to organise a bit better. Always going off on detours from what I am supposed to be doing so not quite acheiving the goal.
I'm thinking I should have asked for more money with regards to buying the new instruments but can I justify it? I believe I could and it would stop them buying so many of those bloody awful keyboards. I'll give it a bit more thought and decide on Monday. Procrastination should be my middle name!
Poor Ian's wife, Bunty, died today. Sad but a relief it was over as quickly as it was. That's been about 2 months since she was diagnosed with stomach cancer. Better that she died peacefully instead of dreadful pain. I must send a card.
Caroline is meeting Robert's new girlfriend tonight after the concert. No doubt I'll hear all about it later on. I'm going to have an early night, PROMISE!!

Friday, February 04, 2005


It's been a good day for work today. Just been given a few more thousand to spend on new cellos and fiddles along with accessories. I'll be the talk of the steamie!! I hope Bob can deliver on the instruments. I enjoy my Friday schools and its good to see them continuing to keep faith with me. I must be doing something right.
Adam's math's are bothering me and I don't want to jump in with both feet and accuse the teacher of being lazy, but, it's Adams future we are talking about and so maybe feelings don't come into it. I'll think on it over the weekend.
Adam also informed tonight that he will be staying out at Natasha's(?)house and won't make his piano lesson tomorrow! Haven't told Caroline yet and I don't think she will be pleased when I do. Am I too soft or am I just scared to rock the boat when it comes to falling out with Adam. I don't know but I think he plays on my vulnerability. Anyway, the main thing is I hope he's safe and he doesn't spring these decisions on us so late. Kate has been an angel again to day, where did she come from? Coffee calls now and must say hello to C.

Thursday, February 03, 2005


Another long day! The biggest story of today for me has been this mis-guided believe that some people can lead a normal life while using heroin. What a dangerous message to send to people. I've seen too many people suffer from this terrible drug and the turmoil it causes in their lives and their families. If there are people leading "normal lives while using it must be a case of the "yets".
Adam got a letter from the English department at school, praising his writing and calling him the new Shakespeare for the script of his play. That's both Adam any Fraser being lauded by the English Department. As for Fraser's report, well, you can't get much better than excellent for everything!! Well done him.
Caroline is confused over what will happen with Adam in 5th year. I don't worry enough maybe but would it do any good if I did? Adam is a very clever boy who needs to work harder and he will sail through SG's and Highers.
Kate has a few years to go yet and we will probably have Zimmer frames by then!! Probably it will all be virtual exams by then with classes held like video conferencing. Just you wait!!

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Wednesday already

The week is flying past and still a lot to do this week. I've put in the estimate for the new cellos and fiddles and hopefully that will be passed quite quickly. I do fully intend to start my own Primary schools string orchestra, then I'll know what is going on.
When told today that I should do some supervised practise with the pupils, I laughed. Why should I spoon-feed these children when they will do nothing for themselves. Also being told my timetable is light made me think quality rather than quantity. Getting some more cellos to teach with might be a starting point but that is too much for some people to comprehend.
Anyway Kate had a good day with my parents, especially my dad in spite of the fact he didn't feed her, and the boys endured school. Caroline's mum is feeling a little better so hopefully things will settle down and Caroline can rest a bit.
I'm getting frustrated with the boys and their lack of communication, especially when it comes to computers. They want the computers as long as they don't need to do anything to help fix them when needed. I mustn't let it get me down and take it out on Caroline which I am capable of doing despite my good intentions. I have to work harder on my state of mind. The little things are often the one's that set me off. How childish is that? Right off to apologise for being a pain!

Tuesday, February 01, 2005


Life is too busy! After staying up late last night to complete some cello arrangements I was wakened at 6.00am this morning by Kate. She is coping well with her scolded arm although she keeps wanting to pull the bandage off.
The Depute Head in Knightswood thought I was French Teacher when I went to see him today. These people are so ignorant of who they have working in their schools.
Fraser played well at his audition and should have a good position in the Glasgow Schools Orchesta. Aged 13 the future looks bright. Adam found his Standard Grade Maths exam difficult although he has said this before and come away with the best mark in his class, so we'll see.
Caroline continues to be constantly knackered but that's the way life is at the moment; for both of us