Sunday, April 17, 2011

Going back to work and students on holiday

It's a strange situation at home just now. After 2 weeks holiday it's time to go back to work on Monday. At the same time my two sons have finished their terms at Sheffield and Glasgow Unis respectively and so are home for quite a while now. Caroline also starts her holidays this week while Kate and I return to school! The return it has to be said is only for 4 days before the Easter break so I mustn't complain!
The result is the house is crowded. We never envisaged this situation when we bought this place and mostly because we never envisaged having another child 15 years after our second one! I know I should be grateful that our children can still feel they can return here and still call it home BUT...... What about some peace and quiet!? Maybe in another 10 or 11 years???

Monday, April 11, 2011

On flight

Flights are a strange form of travel and one that I don't particularly like. We have this idea that we just turn up at the airport, drop off a bag and get on the plane and off! The reality is much different and especially if you travelling in a group that includes a 7 yr old, an 81 and an 86! The frustrations and timings of getting through are much different. Do you wait to the end to let the elderly on last ( which annoys the 7 yr old!) or do you fight through the crowds and rush to the front which will inevitably leave the elderly either knocked of their feet or crushes to death in the mad scramble for a seat! I think the former is the lesser of the two evils. After all there will always be a seat for everybody with a ticket and while you might not all end up in the same row that can sometimes be an advantage!!

Taking the car or motorhome is a better option for me but given that none of my family would like it I guess I'm stuck with what I've got........ Or maybe there is another way?? Mmmmm!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Going home


Unfortunately it's time to go back to Glasgow or at least in about 8 hours. We have had a fantastic time and rounded it off tonight with a meal at a local Portugese restaurant. It was great of my young brother to share his good fortune (through hard work) with Kate, Caroline and myself as well as my Mum and Dad. We really can't thank him enough. His kindness and generosity are very much appreciated and I hope he has enjoyed being with his Family in this beautiful place. I hope it will not be the last time we are here but if it is we will never forget what a wonderful time we've had.

Saturday, April 09, 2011

The dolphin hunt

We have just been on a boat looking for dolphins and well did we see some! There were hundreds of bottle-nose dolphins swimming in the Atlantic off Lagos. We really didn't know what to expect but we were not disappointed. Literally 100's were swimming round the boat. I haven't seen all the photos yet but I must have at least a few. It's not easy to capture these majestic creatures on film but I had the camera set to rapid shoot so hopefully I have got some. The speed they move is very daunting and just as you think you might have one photo they have diced again. I think a lot of luck is needed. An unforgettable experience for us all but especially Kate who was beside herself with excitement!

Later today we are going to a traditional Portugese dance, so that will be an all together different experience.
Photos to follow!

Friday, April 08, 2011

Day 5 Lagos


Another beautiful morning here in Lagos and I'm up earlier than usual to try and get the most out of the day. Yesterday was lovely and I hope we can continue in the same vein.

We are hoping to go on the dolphin boat- ride which Kate has been going on about. It will depend on the weather, ironically enough, and whether the sea is too rough! They wouldn't sail yesterday because of safety and while the sea looked wonderful yesterday it obviously has to be pretty calm before the boats will be taken out. Here's hoping!

Thursday, April 07, 2011

Another day in Lagos

After the exertions of yesterday; a day on the beach was called for. There are many beautiful beaches in this area and luckily one of the best and certainly most accessible is 5 mins walk from where we are staying. The waves are high and many surfers use it. For me Kate and Caroline it's ideal for just jumping over the waves! I have already soaked myself, having not come prepared with trunks , I now find myself lying in my knickers while my shorts dry out! Never mind and nobody cares, we are having a ball!