Monday, May 30, 2011

Isle of Skye


The weather is very wet intermingled with strong sun breaks that don't last long. The Hotel Duisdale is lovely and the food fantastic. Welcome to the Isle of Skye!
We are here celebrating my 25th Wedding Anniversary with Caroline. This is the first time we have alone together, for longer than a few hours, for about 20 yrs.! It feels very strange not having a child about but I think we deserve to give ourselves sometime to talk and discuss our own needs. The banning of talking about children has been agreed!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

25 years of marriage


I've been married to Caroline for 25 years today! I can hardly believe it. This beautiful, talented woman has stuck by me for all these years! Why? To be with the same person for 25 years of marriage and 28 years all in is either pure laziness or true love. Knowing Caroline and how hard she works and how much of a "doer" she is it can only be the latter.
She is beautiful, she is intelligent, she is fun and most of all a wonderful human being. She would deny any of those things but I know it to be true. I just hope that in another 25 years we are celebrating our Golden! Now that will be quite an event!

Monday, May 23, 2011

The storm

What a day! This is May in Scotland. 90 mph winds and thrashing rain, oh the joys! I came home from teaching on a piece of wood (cello) to here an almighty crash as a giant 60ft Elm tree fell onto park cars an across the breadth of the whole of our road, about 10 yards from my front door! What a sight! The tree has been standing for about 100 years and to be felled by a huge gust of wind seems so cruel. I suppose it's better that nature does the job rather than it being felled by Man because it is an inconvenience or that it blocks somebody's light. Still it's a very sad day and we will no longer hear the Dawn chorus that inhabited that particular tree. Nature is cruel.